Scott Turner, Band of 1. Scott Turner is featured as the Band of 1, the one man band… A guitar in his hands, drums at his feet and a harmonica at his mouth, singing with power and sensitivity, Band of 1, aka, Scott Turner, is always sure to include some original works along with his unique blend of classic rock, country, reggae and blues. Come join the FUN!

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What are people saying about Bandof1?
"Best band I have ever seen!" fan
"Phenomenal." club owner
"He made me believe in aliens." fan
"I still can't figure out how he does it? That's impossible." musician
"Great guitar playing, drumming, singing and harmonica... all played by one guy." fan
"One very talented man." club owner
"Extremely entertaining!" fan
"Amazing! Great music!" club owner
"I loved every song he played." fan
"Inspiring!" musician
"WOW! ...I mean it. Look at me....WOW! fan